AirTag Silicone Case AirTag Fidget Toys Pop It Bracelet AirTag Locator

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1. Application: Elderly anti-lost. Child guard. Pet tracking. Anti-lost baggage. Anti-lost wallet. Anti-lost key.
2. 6 colors. choose what you love.Convenient for you to hang AirTag to various items.
3. Help you easily relieve stress.
4. Easy to clean. anti-leaching. splash resistant.
5. Closely fit without leaving gaps. Tightly packed.
6. Washable lasting as new. Silicone materials. waterproof and splash-proof. Doesn’t stick to dust. just wash it away.
7. Unobstructed signal. does not affect positioning.
8. Press the bubble work life decompression.
Size: 73x79x12cmm Weight: 30g

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